Our Story

What is Feral?

Feral is bold, beautiful, and wild just like the Feral Cat. We are professionals with fierce beauty initiatives. We care about our community and the environment. We are committed to Beauty with a cause to empower one another. So step out of your comfort zone and #letsbeferal.

About the Owners
Meet Hovik & Arp, the husband and wife duo. They have long roots in charitable organizations and the beauty industry.

For almost a decade, Hovik has been working with beauty brands from inception. His respect and love for the industry is unsurpassed. He has also been volunteering his time with at-risk youth since 2003.

Arpine, mother of two and a heart of gold. Arpine’s dedication and commitment to giving back has always been a part of her career. However, it was not until she donated bone marrow to a 3 year old girl who had leukemia and was fighting for her life that Arpine decided she had to make a fundamental difference in charitable organizations. Being able to save a life put a new perspective in life for Arpine and when offered the idea of Feral by her husband, she said, “Why NOT?” Let’s help save lives with one lipstick at a time.

Our Mission
To create professional high end beauty products that transform the industry to believe in giving back with one lipstick at a time.

Cruelty Free Promise
Feral is committed to being cruelty free. No matter the cost, beauty should not come with the price of being tested on animals! We are certified as Cruelty Free & Vegan.

Vegan Baby
Feral is a vegan brand. It is our goal as a vegan brand to support not-for-profit initiatives whose mission is in line with ours.

To Give Back
We stand strong with selfless charitable organizations: Women, Children, animals and other causes. It is our dream to continue supporting our community and environment. Which organization should we support next? Love to hear from you and help us to support some of the most amazing causes. Follow us @feralcosmetics