We'd rather help 2 million people than have $2 million in our account.


My name is Arp, I run this company with my husband, Hovik.

This story, like many meaningful ones, begins with a hero facing overwhelming odds. A 3 year old girl, whom I had never met before, was battling leukemia. I was on a bone marrow donor list when the hospital called. She had 3-6 months to live, and needed a transplant to be given a fighting chance.

This little girl had barely begun to live and was already fighting just to be able to hug her parents again, to hear a bed time story, to know that when she fell asleep she would wake up in the morning...

Without a second thought I agreed to donate. Her perseverance and determination to never give up triggered a fundamental change to the way I live and think about the world. I not only wanted to help but I felt an obligation to help.

Hovik and I discussed an idea to start a new way of doing business, one which would focus on giving back as much as we could instead of taking as much as we could. One in which a portion of proceeds would go to charitable organizations and timely crisis relief causes.

We decided this business could not have a negative impact on the world, all ingredients and processes used must cause NO harm to animals, humans or our planet. We took inspiration from the fearless and undomesticated feral cat; embracing instinct, nature and freedom.

I am very happy to write our little hero is now 9 years cancer-free. Together, we will make a difference.

We're with you,

Arp & Hovik


We are a vegan brand. It is our goal as a vegan brand to support not-for-profit initiatives whose mission is in line with ours.


Committed. Certified. No matter the cost, beauty should not come with the price of being tested on animals.


Everything we do is with purpose.